Cabello, NavAway, SafeShutdown, and other jailbreak tweaks to try this weekend

Jailbreak Tweaks to check out

Having the facility to adjust your iOS 11 tool outdoor of Apple’s parameters is the principle reason why to use the Electra jailbreak. For the ones which are already the usage of it, discovering thrilling add-ons to set up will also be difficult.

In this roundup, we’ll permit you to uncover new jailbreak tweaks and add-ons to your handset through consolidating the entire earlier week’s releases into one submit. This roundup will surround the entire jailbreak tweaks launched in Cydia from September 10th to September 16th.

Our favourite releases this week

Cabello – FREE

Cabello is a brand new jailbreak tweak that allows you to tweak the habits of your handset’s bodily buttons with customized sounds and haptic comments.

Out of the field, Cabello brings a myriad of various sounds to the desk, and long run updates will upload much more. The tweak’s haptic comments works on iPhone 6s and more recent.

You can be informed extra about Cabello and how it may be used to trick out your jailbroken handset in our complete assessment.

NavAway – FREE

NavAway is a graceful new jailbreak tweak that intelligently hides the navigation bar in relation to the path you scroll inside apps.

In addition to offering a full-screen enjoy in nearly any app you select, the tweak provides an aesthetically-pleasing transition from seeing the navigation bar to now not seeing the navigation bar.

You can be informed extra about NavAway and why it’s this type of nice add-on to your jailbroken tool in our complete assessment.

SafeShutdown – $1.99

There’s not anything worse than being with out your semi-untethered jailbreak all as a result of your iPhone ran out of battery. Fortunately, a brand new jailbreak tweak referred to as SafeShutdown prevents this from taking place.

SafeShutdown kicks your handset into an ultra-low energy mode when your tool reaches a selected proportion. When this occurs, the tool turns into unresponsive to preserve as a lot battery as imaginable, in a similar fashion to as though your tool had close down from a lifeless battery. After your tool is charged again up, SafeShutdown releases its snatch to your tool, permitting you to use it once more.

You can be informed extra about SafeShutdown and the way it can get advantages semi-untethered jailbreak customers in our complete assessment.

Other releases this week

bestDuelist: Disables the timer countdown within the QuizDuel app (loose by the use of BigBoss repository)

BetterBlurXI: Brings an advanced blue impact to the iOS 11 Control Center interface (loose by the use of BigBoss repository)

DarkModuleCCXI: Brings Dark Mode to the Control Center module interface (loose by the use of BigBoss repository)

Deluminator: An evening mode for internet sites in Safari ($2.80 by the use of Packix repository)

DictionaryPullDownToClose: Provides a extra herbal method for small-handed other folks to shut the iOS dictionary interface (loose by the use of BigBoss repository)

INVISIBLE for WhatsApp: Makes you invisible within the WhatsApp software (loose by the use of BigBoss repository)

NoFlyAnimUnlockXI: Removes the ‘flying icons’ animation that happens whilst you free up your handset (loose by the use of BigBoss repository)

NoGMStartupFooterCard: Hides the startup footer card within the Google Maps app (loose by the use of BigBoss repository)

NoUpperCaseNotification: Removes the upper-case letters from notification banners (loose by the use of ca13ra1’s beta repository)

SBBadgeColor: Colors all notification badges with the dominant colour in their respective app icons (loose by the use of ca13ra1’s beta repository)

GracefulCalculator: Brings blue textual content and tints to the inventory Calculator app in iOS (loose by the use of Cydiageek’s beta repository)

TinXieNotJailbrokenRichartCanine: Prevents the Richart app from detecting that you simply’re jailbroken (loose by the use of BigBoss repository)

BestEmojiXI: Lets you customise your Lock display screen through including your favourite Emoji to the highest (loose by the use of BigBoss repository)

That wraps issues up for this week’s jailbreak tweak roundup, however take into account to keep tuned to iDB all through the week to keep up to date on new releases as they materialize.

If you’re searching for extra tweaks, then believe including third-party Cydia repositories to your tool to increase your scope and take a look at closing week’s jailbreak tweak roundup if you happen to may’ve neglected anything else. We even have a number of devoted roundups to permit you to in finding techniques to tweak your jailbroken iOS 10 tool beneath:

What used to be your favourite jailbreak tweak launched this week? Share within the feedback phase beneath.


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