Two teams of Durango app builders dreaming of constructing the following large factor for your smartphone are headed to Denver for the Go Code pageant on June 7.

Three Durango High School scholars – Georgia Witchel, 16; Kaitlyn Ashburn, 16; and Nicholas Woodward, 16 – have an app in preliminary development degree that will assist other people affected by disabilities decide which Colorado town would perfect accommodate their way of life.

Another trio from Fort Lewis College – fresh graduates Gretchen Potts, Rayven Bowman and assistant professor Anthony Carton – is operating on an app that will permit managers of fleet cars and even small companies with just one or two automobiles to decide if alternative-fueled cars would make extra sense for them.

“It started as a class project,” Potts mentioned. “We never anticipated we’d make it beyond the Challenge Weekend.”

Challenge Weekend is the primary spherical of the Go Code pageant, which was once established through Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams to expand apps that make higher use of publicly to be had information and to encourage a brand new era of pc coders.

Mentor Weekend was once held April 27-28 in Boulder, when the finalists, 10 teams from across the state, had been introduced in for coaching periods with skilled coders and industry experts to sharpen their instrument, reinforce their industry plans and varnish their pitch shows.

On June 7 in Denver, a champion app staff will probably be topped after one team of judges is going via their apps for pc perfection and some other charges the teams’ pitches for investment.

Witchel mentioned the DHS staff, which calls itself Felix, the Latin phrase for satisfied, made up our minds to focal point on an app within the well being care box after noticing a large number of publicly to be had well being information that the crowd believed was once underused.

“Eventually, we want to publish maps, such as a heat map, and the brightest city – say, Denver for people who use wheelchairs – would be the community that is the most accommodating to wheelchairs than other communities,” Witchel mentioned.

The Felix staff’s app, she mentioned, is recently within the “MVP” degree, which stands for Minimum Value Product. The MVP degree, she mentioned, manner “the app technically works but it has a lot of glitches and bugs that need to be worked out.”

The staff culls information from 4 or 5 other well being databases to get a hold of its suggestions of a spot to reside for anyone residing with a incapacity.

“Right now, we want to improve the software, refine and better use data, and just a general cleaning up of the software,” Witchel mentioned.

Potts mentioned the FLC staff originated as a undertaking within the Interactive Design II magnificence taught through Carton. Bowman and Potts had been two scholars who took up Carton’s be offering to assist any scholars who sought after to input the Go Code pageant.

“I’m not necessarily a great coder. But what we are really good at is coming up with good ideas,” Potts mentioned.

After speaking with a number of individuals who owned alternative-fueled cars, inspecting web pages in regards to the cars and having a look at federal and state rules and tax breaks for alternative-fueled cars, Potts mentioned the staff settled on developing an app to transparent the confusion surrounding use of the cars.

“We want to design a website that helps people, fleet managers mainly, make business decisions with more information about the feasibility of using alternative-fueled vehicles,” she mentioned.

Eventually, the crowd plans to refine the instrument to the purpose it will possibly crunch out numbers estimating the expense of the usage of gasoline- or diesel-powered cars when compared with electrical, hybrid or compressed herbal gasoline cars.

Potts mentioned the site would transcend numbers.

“One big hassle is knowing where grant applications are, what tax incentives there are, just familiarizing yourself with the lingo,” she mentioned.

For the month the staff has till June 7, Potts mentioned they intend to run prototype instrument trials through individuals who set up fleets to get additional opinions on how to reinforce their app.

Carton says he would really like to expand an app that “takes the guess work out of what is a large expense for a small business.”

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