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How to fix the annoying “missing maintainer” error in Cydia

How to fix the annoying “missing maintainer” error in Cydia

missing maintainer error in Cydia

This information will display you the way to take away the following pesky error, which will crop up in your Cydia output from time to time: dpkg: caution: parsing report ‘/var/lib/dpkg/status’ … lacking maintainer

This is a rather not unusual Cydia message, which clutters up the set up and uninstallation displays and will upload dozens of redundant strains of output. Not simplest is that this unpleasant, it will possibly additionally make it exhausting to troubleshoot extra critical Cydia mistakes via swamping the set up readout. We’ll display you the way to care for those risk free and overly verbose messages.

What is that this “missing maintainer” error about?

As intimated via the message itself, those mistakes are brought about via Cydia applications in which no “Maintainer” box has been specified. The maintainer is the individual chargeable for updates and beef up for the package deal, and one will have to be indexed among the different package deal main points (akin to Version Number, Bundle ID, Name, Dependencies, and so forth.) in a report bundled with each and every Cydia package deal.

On (un)set up, Cydia parses that report in order to show the package deal main points in its interface, and warn you to any lacking dependences. If any box is lacking an error is proven, although the lacking box is non-essential, as in this example. By offering a maintainer manually, we will be able to appease Cydia, ridding the output of the mistakes proven under:

Cydia's missing maintainer

How to fix the “missing maintainer” mistakes

1) If you don’t have already got it, set up Filza File Manager from Cydia.

2) Use Filza to navigate to the report specified in the error. This report, known as standing, saves the main points of all our Cydia applications, and is amended each time new ones are put in, or outdated ones got rid of. The trail of the report to navigate to is:


three) Select the report known as standing and Filza will ask how you would like to view it. Select Text Editor and the report will open.

Open file in Filza

four) Be cautious no longer to make any unintentional typos, deletions or additions to this report, or it will not be readable via Cydia.

Consider creating a backup of the report earlier than enhancing, in case of person error.

five) We should now transfer thru the report, including a Maintainer box to any applications which lack one. Depending on what number of applications you could have, this is a hard procedure. Consider rushing it up via being attentive to the offending applications/repos earlier than starting, via referring to the Cydia output. If you realize which applications/repos lack maintainers, you’ll use the Search serve as to soar to them, as proven under:

Search maintainer with Filza

In this situation, I seek for the phrase Facebook, having spotted in the past the Cydia error related to FBHideStoriesSwipeLeft package deal. I soar to the package deal data, and word there’s no Maintainer box in the symbol on the left. I now faucet to edit the file, and upload the following textual content on the subsequent line:

Maintainer: CydiaGeek

See the right-hand symbol for an instance. It doesn’t subject who’s indexed as maintainer, so long as the box is detected in the file via Cydia; I merely used the identify of the package deal writer. Be certain no longer to upload any additional line breaks together with your edit, and to depart an empty line earlier than the subsequent package deal’s main points.

6) Continue this procedure for each and every package deal which has no maintainer. When you’re completed, faucet Save in the top-right of the display, then faucet Done to go out the report.

7) Quit Cydia from the App Switcher, re-open it, and hit Refresh. Once it has reloaded, take a look at putting in, uninstalling, or re-installing any package deal. Look out for “missing maintainer” mistakes, in addition to comparable mistakes you’ll have created via fallacious enhancing. Two not unusual ones are a “multiple maintainers” error, brought about via including a maintainer to a package deal which already had one indexed, and an “end of document line break” error, brought about via failing to depart one line smash at the finish of the standing report.

eight) With a couple of run-throughs it is possible for you to to edit the report for any applications you ignored the first time spherical, and fix any mistakes discussed in Step 7 above. Once you’ll set up a package deal with out seeing any /dpkg/standing/ or maintainer mistakes in the readout, you realize you’re finished! Remember to hand over and refresh Cydia after every edit of the standing report.

nine) When you’re completed, be happy to delete your backup of the standing report made in Step four. If you hopelessly corrupt your standing report while enhancing, revert to your backup to get started once more.

And that’s that! You will have to finally end up with a blank output display when putting in applications, as proven under:

missing maintainer fix

This should be finished one at a time on every tool you personal, as sadly it’s an issue with the applications themselves. An everlasting fix would contain the creator of the package deal updating the main points on the repository.

However, a excellent workaround I’ve discovered is to make all of your adjustments to the standing report as soon as simplest, then use redeb to again up the .deb recordsdata of the offending applications. The ensuing .deb recordsdata can have your adjustments stored with them. You can then set up the ones stored .debs on different units in long term, as an alternative of the usage of the maintainer-less ones from the repositories. This will keep away from having to make edits to the standing report on each and every tool, each and every time you reinstall your tweaks.

Have you run into this barrage of lacking maintainer error messages earlier than? Have you encountered different Cydia mistakes that you wish to have assist resolving? Let me know in the feedback phase, or at joe@idownloadblog.com.

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