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Microsoft’s plan for GitHub: “Make GitHub better at being GitHub”

Enlarge / From left to proper: present GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and previous Xamarin CEO, soon-to-be GitHub CEO Nat Friedman

As a part of Microsoft’s $7.five billion acquire of cloud supply code repository GitHub, the corporate is putting in a brand new CEO. Once the deal closes (which is anticipated to occur later this 12 months), out will pass GitHub co-founder Chris Wanstrath and in will come Nat Friedman. Friedman is the previous CEO of Xamarin, the cross-platform .NET implementation that Microsoft purchased in 2016.

Friedman brings cast open-source bona fides: core portions of the Xamarin stack have been open supply, and Friedman’s earlier corporate, Ximian, was once created to expand the open-source GNOME challenge. His appointment must quell most of the fears that open-source builders have concerning the takeover. To interact with the group additional, Friedman these days did a Reddit AMA to respond to questions concerning the acquisition.

The primary thrust of his replies? Microsoft does not in reality intend to modify a lot at GitHub. When requested if GitHub customers must be expecting any large alterations, Friedman replied that Microsoft is “buying GitHub because [it] likes GitHub” and intends to “make GitHub better at being GitHub.” Although there might be “full integration” between GitHub and Visual Studio Team Services, there may not be any radical adjustments in trajectory or carrier choices.

This would be the case even if there’s large overlap between GitHub construction and Microsoft’s construction. Both GitHub and Microsoft have open-source programmer-oriented textual content editors constructed on Electron, an software construction framework the usage of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. GitHub has Atom; Microsoft has Visual Studio Code. Friedman stated that construction of each will proceed as a result of builders are “really particular” about their gear: Visual Studio Code customers would not feel free if compelled to make use of Atom, or vice versa.

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