SafeShutdown helps semi-untethered jailbreak users avoid re-jailbreaking due to a dead battery

If you’re rocking a semi-untethered jailbreak like Electra, you then’re most likely accustomed to the inconvenience of re-running the software over a stressed out connection along with your laptop each and every time you reboot your software.

You can keep watch over nearly all of your handset reboots via simply holding it operating all the time, however the only example the place you’ll’t is when your handset runs out of battery energy. Fortunately, a new jailbreak tweak dubbed SafeShutdown via iOS developer Kurrt targets to make this a much less painful revel in.

Just because the identify implies, SafeShutdown tries to close your software down safely when its battery energy reserve will get too low, and it does so with out compelling you to re-run your jailbreak software.

The tweak achieves its purpose of conserving your jailbroken state via combating your software from bodily shutting down. Instead, it maintains your last battery energy with an ultra-low energy state that in the long run renders your handset unusable till it’s charged above a user-configured share.

The ultra-low energy state imposed via SafeShutdown conducts all of the following insurances:

  • The show is grew to become off and disabled
  • Apple’s local Low Power Mode is toggled on
  • All button presses and capacitive floor touches are omitted
  • Raise to wake is disabled
  • All notifications and alarms are blocked
  • The rear-facing LED flash is fully disabled
  • All energetic display recordings are routinely ended and stored
  • All app processes are stopped to mitigate utilization
  • All sounds and vibrations are disabled
  • And a lot more…

In this state, your software makes use of as little of its last battery energy as imaginable. The thought here’s combating your software from death earlier than it in reality does, so that you must configure a relaxed battery share to cause the tweak that works for you.

After you fee your software’s battery to a relaxed stage, your handset will respring again into a jailbroken state, and also you gained’t want to attach to a laptop to re-run the jailbreak software since the handset by no means bodily rebooted itself.

You’ll to find a choice pane within the Settings app for SafeShutdown after set up:

Here, you’ll:

  • Toggle the tweak on or off on call for
  • Force-enable SafeShutdown
  • Configure the battery share that can cause SafeShutdown
  • Configure the battery share that can disable SafeShutdown
  • Toggle caution notifications earlier than SafeShutdown acts
  • Turn on Low Power Mode when the SafeShutdown caution seems
  • Configure the battery share that can cause the caution message
  • Toggle a countdown timer for SafeShutdown
  • Configure the choice of seconds you need the timer to depend down to
  • Enable or disable emergency get up, which can override SafeShutdown in an emergency with a particular button collection

We in particular like how the developer comprises safeguards to save you you from being locked from your software. For instance, the caution notifications are extremely helpful since you’ll by no means be taken via wonder when SafeShutdown is compelled to do its factor.

But extra importantly, you’ll use the emergency get up characteristic to bypass SafeShutdown when it’s enabled, a characteristic that are supposed to come in useful when you haven’t any different choice however to use the rest battery for your software to dial 911 or name every other emergency touch.

While it kind of feels love it may well be an improbable thought for some jailbreakers, it was once by no means that tricky to re-run the jailbreak software within the first position. Nevertheless, the tweak may nonetheless be of use to those that keep away from the pc for lengthy classes or simply hate the re-jailbreaking procedure in a semi-untethered atmosphere.

If you’re all in favour of making an attempt SafeShutdown for your self, then you’ll obtain it without cost from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. After set up, you’ll be required to pay $1.99 from the tweak’s choice pane to turn on it.

SafeShutdown has been examined on a jailbroken iPhone X operating iOS 11.three.1, and must paintings on all jailbroken iOS 11 units. Be mindful, your mileage would possibly range.

What are your ideas concerning the SafeShutdown tweak? Let us know within the feedback phase beneath.


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