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Second-generation Threadripper goes on sale: $1,799 for 32 cores

Announced again in June, AMD’s second-generation Threadripper processors at the moment are to be had for preorder. The top-end section, the Threadripper 2990WX, is a 32-core, 64-thread processor with a complete of 64MB of stage three cache, operating at a base clock of three.0GHz, boosting as top as four.2GHz. It ships on August 13 and is promoting for $1,799.

Model Cores/Threads Clock base/spice up/GHz Level three cache/MB TDP/W Price Availability
2990WX 32/64 three.zero/four.2 64 250 $1,799 August 13
2970WX 24/48 three.zero/four.2 64 250 $1,299 October
2950X 16/32 three.five/four.four 32 180 $899 August 31
2920X 12/24 three.five/four.three 32 180 $649 October

The elementary development blocks of the second-generation Threadrippers are the similar because the first-generation portions. Threadripper processors are multi-chip modules (MCMs) containing more than one dies and Infinity Fabric interconnects. AMD calls the fundamental development block of every chip a Core Complex (CCX), which has 4 cores, 8 threads, and 8MB of stage three cache. Each chip accommodates two CCXes. The first spherical of Threadrippers had 4 chips, with two of them energetic and two inactive, for a complete of 16 cores and 32 threads. The new second-generation portions introduced nowadays make all 4 chips energetic, bringing the counts as much as 32 cores and 64 threads.

The new chips build up the overall energy to 250W in comparison to 180W for the first-gen portions. However, AMD has stated that the brand new processors will paintings in current motherboards the use of the X399 chipset. Motherboards that may’t ship considerably greater than 180W will see limits to overclocking and turbo boosting, however they must nevertheless paintings as it should be. New forums constructed for the second-gen portions must be offering slightly extra headroom.

The new processors use the revised Zen+ core of the Ryzen 2 processors. Improvements to the cache subsystem have decreased reminiscence latencies and bring about three p.c extra directions in line with cycle in comparison to the first-generation portions. The turbo boosting must even be smarter, in a position to push the processor nearer to its thermal and gear limits. The new chips also are constructed on a 12nm procedure (even though they keep the similar dimensions as their 14nm predecessors), enabling upper clock speeds and decrease voltages.

One factor now not modified is the allocation of reminiscence controllers and PCIe lanes. In the first-generation portions, either one of the useful chips contributed two reminiscence channels and 32 PCIe hyperlinks every. Even even though the brand new Threadrippers come with 4 useful chips as a substitute of 2, AMD has selected to make use of the similar association within the new processors, which means that the reminiscence controllers and PCIe connections of 2 of the chips are unused. This has nuanced implications for optimum scheduling of operating threads via the running device, which must elect to make use of the cores with the reminiscence controllers ahead of the use of the cores with out the reminiscence controllers, as the previous cores must be a bit of sooner than the latter ones.

Benchmarks and critiques would possibly not be out till August 13, however AMD France did by accident reveal a ranking for the Cinebench R15 rendering take a look at—the 2990WX scored five,099. This places it with ease forward of Intel’s present peak competing section, the $1,999, 18-core, 36-thread Core i9-7980XE, which ratings about three,300 issues. Cinebench is without doubt one of the best-case workloads for those top thread-count processors, as it is a workload that scales virtually completely with the collection of concurrent threads. It serves as a just right indication of what Threadripper can succeed in, supplied you’ve gotten a workload that may profit from this .

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